[mythtv-users] TapeWorm Beta 2 release - a parasitic Windowsfront end for MythTV

David Woods david at spurgeonwoods.com
Mon Apr 3 13:27:14 UTC 2006

> > TapeWorm 1.0, Beta 2 is now available at
> > http://david.spurgeonwoods.com/tapeworm.  I would greatly
> > appreciate continued feedback from the members of this list about
> TapeWorm.
> 1) when you click About it says it's Beta 1 not Beta 2 - but I must
> have the latest as it has the media player config button.

> 2) When you try to use VLC and click Play, nothing happens and there
> are no messages to give a clue as to why.
> 3) /prefetch:9 /Play is always in the Media Player Parameters field
> even if you delete the text from that field and then OK. I presume
> this might be why VLC can't play any files as it's getting the wrong
> command line parameters.

Yeah, it seems likely the incorrect parameters could cause problems.  I'll
look into as soon as I get a chance.  Thanks for letting me know.


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