[mythtv-users] Transcoding and aspect ratio (DVB-T)

Ian Grant mailinglists at iangrant.me.uk
Mon Apr 3 09:07:12 UTC 2006

>  Hi all, I kept this message from a previous thread for what it is worth.
> ..........
> It might help
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> From: frank8205[at]yahoo.com
> I've read through the code, and if I am reading it
> correctly, all the code is in place to have nuvexport
> output in the same aspect ratio as the original
> recording. All that is needed is to comment out the
> line of code that ffrr pointed to in his original
> post. There seems to be no need to force the 1.7
> aspect ratio, since it is set earlier in the sequence
> to be what is read from the input recording. I just
> commented out that line and it worked for me. I can
> now export recordings with 1.7 aspect ratio without
> modification. For the record here is the modification
> as I've made it:
> In file /usr/share/nuvexport/export/ffmpeg/DVD.pm
> I'm not sure if the aspect_stretched line is needed,
> but it didn't seem to do any harm in my initial
> testing.
> Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.

Is this the same issue? I think you're talking about nuvexport and 
exporting for DVD, no?
My problem is within Myth, really (or maybe DSMyth...).


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