[mythtv-users] 'key' command over telnet crashes mythfrontend

Andrew Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 22:48:47 UTC 2006

Hi. I still haven't figured out why sending a command to mythfrontend makes it 
crash. I ran it with stdout going into an ssh session so I could see any 
messages printed. It said "listening on 6546" then when I connected it 
acknowledged my connection. After sending "key down", it simply crashed 
("Segmentation Fault"). Upon further exploration, I discovered that the other 
commands work--it is just the 'key' commands that make mythfrontend crash. 
How does 'key' work? Many synthetic keypress programs use the XTEST X server 
extension, is this the case here? Or does it hook into some internal Myth 
API? I am running modular X.org (version 7.0) from Debian experimental and I 
compiled MythTV with GCC 4.0. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Barr			| 1024D/AD9AE76A
andrew.james.barr at gmail.com	| http://www.oakcourt.dyndns.org/~andrew

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