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Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Sun Apr 2 02:56:41 UTC 2006

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On Apr 1, 2006, at 02.03, clemens at dwf.com wrote:

> <Start Complaint>
> It wasnt clear WHAT I did to get it working, Ill suggest the phase  
> of the
> moon, as at one point it wouldnt work, and then it would.
> But, after a couple of days I needed to stop mythbackend.
> Bad Idea.
> Now when it starts up it gives errors in its startup messages, viz
>     Channel: ' ' not found in database...
> And complaints about channels that are definately NOT set in
> mythtv-setup as the start channel for any of the three cards in the
> system.
> And at the point where I am leaving mythtv-setup, I get error messages
> about how
>     Card 0 (type) is set to start onchannel 2_1,which does not exist
> Now there are two things wrong with that message,
>     (1) No card is set to start on channel 2_1.
>     (2) Channel 2_1 DOES exist.
> I really had wanted to use this thing to record some programs while
> I was out of town next week.  Guess not.  Doubt that I have the time
> to get the right 'magic' solution to get an honest start for  
> mythbackend.
> <end complaint>

Run mythtv-setup, delete your card settings, and your channel line- 
up, and just set those up again. When you're done, run  
mythfilldatabase, and restart the back-end. When I totally ruined my  
channel finetuning table (take it from me: NEVER try using decimals  
in your fine-tuning settings) that fixed the job. All my recording  
settings were in place, so you shouldn't have to worry about all of  

If you need a "it just works" solution, and you don't plan to do too  
much tinkering, check out KnoppMyth. It's got a very stable self- 
installer (which installs a stable version of MythTV). Or you could  
check out MythDora. I've never used MythDora, so I can't speak for it.

If you go with KnoppMyth, check out this video. It's a little sketchy  
on some details (like the hardware you're going to use), but  
otherwise is informative enough (yeah, it's about as easy as they  
make it look).
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