[mythtv-users] SATA and DMA (SIIG 3112)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Apr 1 01:15:17 UTC 2006

On Mar 31, 2006, at 5:56 PM, Timothy Braje wrote:

> Brian Wood wrote:
>> This is an Athlon64 3700+ system w/1GB RAM, I have four PVR-150s in
>> it. Using an nVidia 5700 video card with the 7676 drivers, not using
>> XvMC. No HD in this system.
> Which card do you have, specifically?  Do you like it?  Is it  
> quiet?  I
> have the ASUS Extreme 5750, and the fan on it is extremely loud.  I am
> possibly looking to get a new card, but I wanted to stay in the Nvidia
> 5000 series, and didn't have much choice for PCI-express cards.

It'a a GeForce FX-5700VE w/256MB. I got it at an on-line auction for  

I guess I like it, it works fine and gives me no problems. I can't  
tell you how quiet it is, I wouldn't be able to hear it over the  
noise of the big CPU fan, 2 fans in the PSU and 2 other fans in the  
case :-))

I'm really not concerned about noise, I used to live in Manhattan :-)

The 5300 is a 5200 with a PCI-express interface, I hear they can be  
hard to find though.

The 6200 cards have no fan and are thus quiet, you can get a PCI- 
express version of this for around $60, also you can get a 6500 for  
the same price. If it's cost keeping you with the 5000 series these  
are in the same range.

I agree that the nVidia cards are probably the best bet at this  
point, unless you go with something that can do MPEG-4 for future- 

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