[mythtv-users] Working on an OSD

Bill Omer bill at spis.net
Fri Sep 30 15:09:27 UTC 2005

Jack Perveiler wrote:
>I'd be happier with seeing when the original record date was.  Just last night
>my wife asked me "is this the King of Queens for this week or last week?"  If
>both were reruns it'd be more clear to me to see the record date than the
>original air date (which might be years ago).

Overheard one day while my wife was watching tv:

"I wonder how old this episode is...."
'hits info button'
"First aired in 1989?  This is an oooold episode of Rosanne".

Ever since then its been a feature that we both used allot.  It's an 
easy way to find out if you're watching a new episode or a "new to you" 


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