[mythtv-users] Working on an OSD

SpEnT spentboy at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 21:23:17 UTC 2005

Hrmmm ... do you mean while watching a recorded program, bring up the OSD
and have this information shown while you view it? I know in the list of
recorded programs, it lists the date it was recorded so that might be a
little redundant unless of course someone asks you while you are watching it
when it was recorded .... you'd have to stop watching it and look in the
list of recorded programs to see a date. The first aired I'm not sure how to
do. I'll take a look and see what other data can be displayed, they're all
predefined vairables from what I can tell, you just format where they are
and how they display in the OSD.

I'll keep playing around with it and see what I can put in. I know I had
some issues with truncating long program descriptions and start/stop times.
They'd either inconveniently cut something off or wrap in an ugly manner.
This doesn't meant I couldn't create another window in the screen somewhere
that could display other info though (I don't think). I'm still pretty new
to working with the OSD stuff but I'm willing to try anything :-) I'll play
around and see what I can come up with or what other data I can display
without making the screen too crowded.


On 9/29/05, Bill Omer <bill at spis.net> wrote:
> This looks awesome! I'm going to try and install it soon. Huge
> improvement from the out-of-the-box osd.
> But I have a question/suggestion.
> Is there anyway to have the osd provide some information like date
> recorded and the date it was first aired?
> I'm converting our pvr from beyondtv to myth, and thats one of the
> things my wife has asked me about more than once. It was some feature
> that btv had that she has grown to love and it would be nice to get that
> back.
> -B
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