[mythtv-users] mythgame and xmame

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Sep 29 00:37:50 UTC 2005

Marty Ravell wrote:

>Jason, what I usually do when there's a difference between the xmame command
>line args and MythGame is write a wrapper script for myth to call that
>parses the command line and calls xmame with xmame's flavor of the day
>command line args. (drives me nuts the way they change that every other rev,
>it seems.)
>Hi Scott,
>Would you mind sharing your scripts for those of us less able at writing
Note, also, that SVN fixes the dependence of Myth on a particular 
version of MAME (excellent work Greg,  Jochen, and all others involved 
in the change).


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