[mythtv-users] Anyone successful with HD3000 DVB andPVR-150/500's?

Todd nospam at tippyturtle.com
Wed Sep 28 20:34:42 UTC 2005

I don't think that card does QAM...the new (competing) HD5000 from technisat 
does, though.  I hate to add to the regret.

Additionally, 95% of what is on the analog locals is on the matching DT1 
versions here in Seattle.  In otherwords NBC-DT1 = analog NBC here.  Is this 
not the case for other places?  It won't help the ESPN problem...but for my 
viewing it is perfect (I don't watch much sports except the local teams).

>From what I have read QAM is very random for people.  Some people get tons 
in QAM, some don't get any...and it doesn't seem to matter if they are 
subscribed to Analog or Digital cable.

Good Luck!


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>> it is difficult to
>> find out what's available unencrypted without actually signing up for
>> digital cable (or getting access to a system at someone's house who
>> has).
> random thought:  If you have analog cable, and they didn't put a
> filter specifically on your line, you *may* be getting digital QAM 256
> signals (and therotically HDTV broadcast channels in the clear)
> without specifically subscribing to digital cable.  It really depends.
> If you have cable internet in additiona to your analog cable this may
> likely be the case.  You're just missing digital cable set top box (or
> QAM tuner for unencrypted stuff).
> It's really a crapshoot, but if you ahve the HD3000 already it's worth
> a shot, eh?  I'm about to return my HD capable (no firewire) digital
> cable box and cancel digital cable service because I dont' use it and
> the HD line up is pathetic! (no FOX no ABC! gross, I'm rigging an uber
> antenna darnit!) But I digress... give it a shot with the HD3000 and
> the DVB drivers, maybe you'll get lucky.
> BTW I have no idea re: the legality of what I'm proposing, you're on
> your own/disclaimers apply... but it's the equivalent of having analog
> cable and pluggin in your ATSC/QAM capable HDTV (like I have) and
> having some unencrypted local broadcast HDTV stations being picked up
> via the QAM tuner.
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