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David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 10:20:52 UTC 2005

> Now I get it ;)  So it is a graphics card with TV out connected to the TV, I
> guess the TV outs on the TV cards are all daisy chained into the Graphics
> card (with TV in/out).  I did not realise I would need a graphics card with
> TV out as well as the freeview cards. I thought the TV out on the freeview
> card was used to connect to the TV.  What TV out graphics card do you
> recommend?

Hhmm.  I'm not sure we're quite there yet.

There's no daisy chaining involved.  I can't even remember a TV out on
the Nova-t card.  If there is one then I think it's just a feed
through of the input single - to allow you to feed the input into a
second card.

No, the signal gets from your NOVA-t card to the graphics card via
your hard disk.

Step 1  Nova-T card creates a file on your hard disk.

Step 2  Play file using MythTV or other media playing software.

As regards choice of graphics card -  Most people seem to be using
nVidia cards which, AFAIK all have S-Video outputs on them.  I'm using
a MX440 which is fanless (quieter),  5200s also seem popular.  If you
don't want to go gaming then you don't need a particularly recent card

Hope this helps.

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