[mythtv-users] 68% filesize increase after transcode!

Dave Sherohman esper at sherohman.org
Sat Sep 24 17:03:25 UTC 2005

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 10:38:12AM -0600, Greg Grotsky wrote:
> Is RTjpeg not a good compression algorithm? It must be worse then MPEG2,
> since the video was almost exactly 31 minutes and is now 21 minutes and much
> larger in size. I'm not scaling it down (yet) so it's still in it's native
> size but it doesn't seem like that should matter, there's less content. I
> think I'm going to try going to MPEG4, the RTjpeg conversion took about 1:20
> to complete.

When I first set up transcoding, I went with RTjpeg since it was the
default and I saw no significant change in the size of my programs -
about 2.1G/hour before and 1.9G/hour after.  Then I tried mpeg4 and
(with the default settings) that got me 750-800M/hour.  So I'd say
that, if the quality is acceptable to you, mpeg4 definitely looks
like the way to go.

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