[mythtv-users] Does it work like this?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Sep 22 23:17:15 UTC 2005

Tommy Denton wrote:

> the viewing computers are winblows.. client requirment. now what are 
> my options

1.  Put the KnoppMyth CD in and reboot to a CD based frontend 
installation.  Does not affect windows
2.  Use VMware or Virtual PC to run a frontend in a virtual machine
3.  Use any of the open source vm type systems or something like colinux 
to run mythfrontend
4.  Run WinMyth but you won't get live TV but can get pseudo-live by 
marking what you want to watch as a recording, letting the recording 
start, and watch the recording while it is in progress.


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