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Erik Pettersen pettersen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 20:34:22 UTC 2005

You'd need two cable boxes... if you split the cable after the cable
box you'll just get two versions of the same channel =P

I think what I'd do is confirm what cable I have or didn't have, if I
were you... I'd run (temporarily) coax straight from the wall to the
TV (assuming your TV has a TV tuner most standard definition TV sets
do) and use the TV's tuner/autoscan to see what "analog" cable
stations you get.

I have the lowest tier digital cable, and it's not even worth it for
me (for the shows I record) to bother slaving the cable box... I just
tape stations under 80 (for my cable system, yours may vary) via
analog cable, which is happily split within reason multiple times
BEFORE the cable box.

So, I'd figure out what was available via straight coax/analog... and
then decide what you want to do.  But if you want to record one show
via cable box, while concurrently watching another show that requires
a cable box, you'll need 2 cable boxes...

I started working on a FAQ re: that topic but didn't get too far



On 9/22/05, Paul Schied <paulschied at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am new to this forum and am considering trying to get mythtv working but
> want to clear a couple of questions up before going any further.
> I have comcast cable, extended basic cable. To my knowledge it is not
> digital but I DO have a cablebox. From what I've been reading I will need to
> hook up the cable to my tuner card after it goes through the cablebox (so it
> is decoded).
> I want to be able to watch tv while recording a different channel. From what
> I've read I am pretty sure this means I need two tuner cards which will both
> need to have the cable coming from a cablebox. My question is if I just
> split the cable from the cablebox, is there any way to record something and
> simultaneously watch a different channel or do I have to have two cable
> boxes for this?
> Thanks,
> Paul
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