SV: [mythtv-users] OT? : Java < projectx < mythburn

Michael T. Dean mtdean at
Wed Sep 21 04:54:23 UTC 2005

Marius Schrecker wrote:

> No, I haven’t got that far. Still trying to build.
>I fixed the problem with not finding jar and javac executables by exporting the PATH, JDK_HOME and JAVA_HOME variables, and am now getting a different error with not finding class definitions (as expected as I have no idea what to set as the CLASSPATH).
You don't need to set the CLASSPATH if you're using "java -jar" to 
execute the "executable JAR file."  The JAR is the CLASSPATH.  What 
command line are you using to start ProjectX?  What's the exact error 
message you're getting?


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