[mythtv-users] directv d10-300 ... impossible?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Sep 20 15:40:35 UTC 2005

mstrimel at comcast.net wrote:

>I'm trying to get a mythtv box set up for my Mom.  She has a DirecTv with a D10-300 receiver.  
>I finally found the low-speed data port in the back of the D10-300, hidden by a black sticker ... but has anyone actually gotten the D10-300 change channels using this port?  I've seen mention on some other lists that the DirecTv firmware is purposely "broken" to prevent this port from being used.  Supposedly this is different from the d10-100 or other models that are known to work. Before I buy or solder a serial cable, can anyone confirm that it will work with the D10-300.
>I already tried a USB-UIRT (before I found the secret port ;) but it seemingly does not pick up the signals from the DirecTV remote. It picks up signals from other remotes just fine, but to "learn" how to transmit signals for the DirecTV, I obviously have to get it to see the DirecTV remote.
>If the D10-300 data port cannot be made to work, can anyone suggest an easy-to-set up hardware solution for this (given my embarassing failure with the USB-UIRT).... would it be easiest if I buy Mom a new satellite recever, and if so, which one is guaranteed to work?

I assume you're talking about changing channels.


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