[mythtv-users] dumb question on mailer

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 20 14:20:57 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 20 September 2005 10:03, cossaboon.mythtv at mac.com wrote:
> How do I reply to a topic? 
> just reply all to the email on the mailer?
> what if I get the daily news digest, with out individual emails, but 
> them as a list, but want to reply to a topic? 
> sorry for the dumb question.

If you get individual emails, it could depend on how your mail program 
is configured, but a simple 'Reply' should work (some programs also 
have a 'Reply to List').  'Reply All' is not recommended.

If you receive messages in plain-text digest form, there is no way to 
reply to an individual message.  The best you could do would be to 
compose a new message to the list and copy the subject line -- however 
the message will start a new thread, instead of being threaded with the 
original message.  I'd stay away from this method if you plan on being 
active on the list --- use MIME digest instead.

In MIME-digest mode, it should be possible to reply to an individual 
message in the digest (you may need to open the message as an 
attachment, the specifics will vary with different mail programs).


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