[mythtv-users] Which ivtv modules to load for pvr-150mce ?

Luc Gallant llgallan at engmail.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Sep 20 11:09:51 UTC 2005

By external audio do you mean that when you play TV you don't get any sound
at all?

I had the exact same problem, and it is due to either the order of loading
the modules, or which module files exist on your computer in what locations.
Let me know, and I can send you my startup script.


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> Robin Gilks wrote:
>>I guess the subject says it all really. Many of the howtos revolve 
>>about the 250 (old) and 350 (with output). I'm trying to find out 
>>which modules should be loaded when I modprobe the ivtv module.
> The only module you should ever load is "ivtv".  All other modules 
> will be loaded by ivtv (assuming you load ivtv correctly--using 
> modprobe and /not/ insmod).
>>I've already discovered that msp3400 doesn't get loaded (no dependency 
>>in modules.dep to the main ivtv module) so I'm wondering what else I 
>>have to load manually.
> msp3400 is the driver for the sound processor for PVR-250/350.  The 
> PVR-150 uses the cx25840.  Therefore, if you load msp3400, at best, it 
> wastes memory and at worst, it causes conflicts.
>>I guess that since the header for saa7127.c says its an encoder, I 
>>need  it but I assume that the decoder saa7115 is pvr-350 specific and 
>>so I don't load it! All very confusing!! No idea whether I have to 
>>pass any parameters across during loading since many of the howtos are 
>>either old or 350 specific :-((
>>I get video OK but so far audio only sometime on video, nothing from 
>>the radio and nothing from the line inputs.
>>I'm running latest SVN (0.3.9+ == trunk) - not sure if there are any 
>>gotchas there.
>>Any pointers appreciated.
> modprobe ivtv
> and make sure you have the right module options.  For 0.3.8+, that 
> should mean that you have no options specified for ivtv modules (it 
> will autodetect.
Thanks Mike

Thats exactly the definitive answers I was looking for :-))

All I need to do now is get external sound going (to complement the s-video
input) and the radio (which scans OK & finds all the stations I'd expect it
to) which also has no audio :-((


Robin Gilks

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