[mythtv-users] Setting up slave backend system

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Tue Sep 20 01:52:40 UTC 2005

>> Do I even need to run mysql on the SBE?  I tried disabling
> No.
>> mysqld on the
>> SBE but mythbackend would not startup.   If it is not using the local
>> copy of mysqld then I would think it would startup.  Unless this is an
> True.  You don't need MySQL on the slave backend at all.  Kill it if
> it's running then edit ~/mysql.txt on the slave backend.  I think that's
> what you're missing here.

You may have a similar problem to what I had - the init script for
mythbackend was setting the HOME variable to an odd directory which had
its own copy of mysql.txt which was pointing to localhost rather than to
the machine that was running the mysql database. In my instance, I could
run mythbackend from the command line (where the value of HOME was
consistent with the copy of mysql.txt it was getting) but not from the
init scripts. Very confusing!!

Sounds like you haven't got as far as the automation bit yet though - just
thought I'd mention it in case having set mysql.txt correctly it all goes
pear shaped later...

Robin Gilks

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