[mythtv-users] Setting up slave backend system

Jay Jarvinen jay-lists at 3pound.com
Tue Sep 20 00:59:47 UTC 2005

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005 15:12:49 -0700
Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote:

> There is no magic. That post was very misleading. Cards must be
> configured locally. You must add the slave card by running
> mythtv-setup on the slave host.
> Once you can connect from your slave host and mythtv-setup sees your
> existing video sources, then you can move forward by; checking the
> IP addresses in General, adding your local card(s), and associating
> your inputs with your existing sources.
> --  bjm

Bruce, you magic-hater you, of course there's magic. The master
"knows" about cards local to slaves, without user intervention ON the
master by way of MBE mythtv-setup, database, or any other means. How?
Because mythtv-setup on the slave does the work.

Very misleading? Pardon me. From his statement, he was attempting to
configure slave* cards on his MBE (assuming using mythtv-setup). To
which I replied, "You don't".

Him: "Maybe what is confusing me is how to get the capture cards on
the SBE configured on the MBE."

Me: "You don't. The MBE automagically finds available cards on slave
 backend(s), if/when the SBE mythbackend is running."

Could I have worded it more verbosely as to explicitly point out that
"available cards" refers to ones [properly and locally] configured on
slave backends that will be utilized IF the slave is available?

Was anyone confused that I was suggesting the master server just
probes the LAN for 'available cards'? I doubt it. Where did I suggest
slave cards be configured anywhere but on slave machines?

(Wishlist: braindead SBE starts mythbackend with it's mysql.txt
configured, SBE offers local resources (hd space, tuners, etc) to MBE
server and prompts user)

I fail to see how database records of a properly configured
master/slave setup are misleading. 

However, I feel your characterizing my post in this way, and then
later restating what I've already demonstrated in numerous ways, is of

What was the great danger you perceived? That users might _stay away_
from the MBE during slave configuration? That's .. the correct method.

Meanwhile, as you were busy setting the record straight with your
first reply, my second post hit the list. You then reestablished
points already made, only to turn around and re-explain things in even
more ambiguous terms. (Examples of this, available upon request)

Granted, my statement that "the slave mythtv-setup needs the MBE
IP/port configured in order to retrieve available sources", is more
correctly stated as "needs the MySQL IP/port configured", which need
not necessarily reside on the MBE. But since the MySQL DB _is_
residing on the MBE, in context of this thread, it is therefore moot.

Bruce - your long history and contributions to MythTV are much
appreciated.  But, it doesn't excuse what I would call
"pseudo-moderating" perfectly valid attempts to help other users. This
only stifles well intentioned posters that would most likely "get by"
without your expert attention or criticism.

Anyway, despite all our efforts, (according to the latest message),
the original poster is still wondering if a MySQL DB is needed on the
slave, go figure.  Knock yourself out..

-Jay Jarvinen

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