[mythtv-users] Cannot playback recorded video.

Robert Denier denier at umr.edu
Mon Sep 19 21:18:44 UTC 2005

I suppose it is obvious in hindsight that the frontends need to see the
files stored by the backend and it would be quiet silly for myth to
reinvent the wheel to do this.  

mount -t nfs mythbackend:/mnt/store /mnt/store

on the frontend did wonders :)  (Of course the actual command will
depend on a particular setup.)  That is probably in some instructions
somewhere for that matter...

On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 23:34 -0500, Robert Denier wrote:
> Does anyone have a clue why I can't playback a recording?  
> I'm doing Media-Library -> Watch Recordings -> Selecting One -> I ->
> Play
> and nothing happens.
> I think it is related to how I can't watch an in progress recording, but
> I'm not sure.  I'm guessing/hoping its something obvious, at least to
> someone who has had the problem before.
> Backend 
> amd xp
> pvr 150
> newer ivtv drivers
> Frontend
> amd xp
> booting from nfs
> ati 7000 video and custom compiled x to get those tv out drivers.
> -Robert

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