[mythtv-users] mythfrontend on cheap hw ;-)

cossaboon.mythtv at mac.com cossaboon.mythtv at mac.com
Mon Sep 19 00:03:52 UTC 2005

I am using a 800mHz old Dell Celeron PC with 256Meg Ram and MB Graphic card that shares memory.

Works ok. All the issues I am aving, I assume are not the hardware but rather just my knowledge.

Video plays fine (non-MPEG2 at this time)

Kevin Cossaboon
cossaboon.mythtv at mac.com

On Sunday, September 18, 2005, at 04:37PM, Mark Kundinger <mkundinger at yahoo.com> wrote:

>I'm unsure on the memory requirements.  128MB might be enough, but you
>may need 256.  
>But heck, if you have the hardware parts just laying around, try
>slapping some together and see what happens. :)
>--- rawcd at softhome.net wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> I want to make mythfrontend/diskless on old hardware
>> Whats the minimum cpu speed, ram  for mythfrontend ?
>> Celeron 400, 700 Mhz , 64, 128 RAM , geforce mx4 ?
>> Any suggestion?
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