[mythtv-users] PVR-250 used to work, now stops tuning

Jeff Piazza jeff at jeffpiazza.org
Sun Sep 18 12:08:48 UTC 2005

I built a MythTV machine in March with a PVR-250 and a Pundit-R 
machine.  After the usual initial stumbles, I got it working reasonably 
well, and have been happily using it since.

Last week I went out of town on business.  I got a call from my wife 
that all the recent recordings seemed to be of (cable) channel 22, our 
local PBS station.  I poked around via SSH, and realized that my zap2it 
subscription had expired, so I renewed that, but the tuner still seemed 
stuck.  (I thought this was kind of a strange symptom of an expired 
subscription, but the coincidence seemed even stranger.)

I rebooted the machine and now just get undifferentiated static on all 
channels.  Now that I'm home, I've tried ptune and still can't get a 

Has anyone known a PVR-250 to fail in this way after working for 6 
months?  Is this a known failure mode?

Also, has anyone had trouble with tuner cards overheating (and failing) 
in a Pundit-R?  The case sure seems warm to the touch.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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