SV: [mythtv-users] Which ivtv modules to load for pvr-150mce ?

Marius Schrecker marius at
Sun Sep 18 09:02:05 UTC 2005

>I guess the subject says it all really. Many of the howtos revolve
>the 250 (old) and 350 (with output). I'm trying to find out which
>should be loaded when I modprobe the ivtv module.
>I've already discovered that msp3400 doesn't get loaded (no dependency
>modules.dep to the main ivtv module) so I'm wondering what else I have
>load manually.
>I guess that since the header for saa7127.c says its an encoder, I need
>but I assume that the decoder saa7115 is pvr-350 specific and so I
>load it! All very confusing!! No idea whether I have to pass any
>parameters across during loading since many of the howtos are either
>or 350 specific :-((
>I get video OK but so far audio only sometime on video, nothing from
>radio and nothing from the line inputs.
>I'm running latest SVN (0.3.9+ == trunk) - not sure if there are any
>gotchas there.

>Any pointers appreciated.
>Robin Gilks

Others will clarify this, but I'm pretty sure it depends which version
of the card you're using (NTSC or PAL).

I'm at my windows box at the moment so can't tell you which modules are
getting loaded for my PAL 500MCE (2x150). I remember that I had to take
out some lines from my /etc/modprobe.d/ivtv (debian) file in relation to
following Jarods guide (,
especially the tveeprom-ivtv and msp3400 lines were messing up for me as
they seemed to be ntsc related. I think the latest unstable v.3.x ivtv
drivers set up most of this automatically now. I also remember that I
had to make sure that eeprom wasn't getting loaded before ivtv as it
blocks for tveeprom which ivtv needs. I commented it out and my
lmsensors which used it is working fine without. Other than that I think
it's just a matter of setting up the major and minor numbers device

Depending on your source for ivtv and your distro you may have to build
the modules using module-assistant:

This is what I had to do in Debian:
#module-assistant prepare
#module-assistant auto-install ivtv0.3

After that they should load in the usual way.



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