[mythtv-users] Screen Cropping

Todd Houle thoule at wesleyan.edu
Sun Sep 18 04:50:45 UTC 2005

So thanks to all the great information on this list, I've got my new  
Mythbox up running under Fedora (thanks to wilsonet's step-by-step).   
I'm using the PVR-350 with TV out (the quality is excellent).  This  
is sooo cool.

I've still gotta do sound- It comes out fine, but i have no volume  
control through Myth- not a big deal- i'm sure I can figure it  
out...  The other part that kinda bugs me is that the screen is  
loosing a significant amount of space that is getting cropped off.   
It makes it a little bit hard to go through the menus as I'm loosing  
this text.  Under the Setup options in the frontend, I'm loosing the  
checkboxes - I can't tell if they are selected or not...  Is there a  
setting for this somewhere?


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