[mythtv-users] nuvexport problem?

Craig Tinson craig at 8010.co.uk
Sun Sep 18 00:27:44 UTC 2005

Chris Petersen wrote:

>> but that didn't have any effect - and I know Chris Peterson will say 
>> turn off nuvdenoise (which I presume those instructions do) but if 
>> I'm wrong I don't know where to turn if off
> You're wrong there.  (and it's Petersen, btw)...  The division by zero 
> error is completely unrealted to the "broken pipe" error (besides, 
> your original post clearly indicated that nuvexport was disabling 
> yuvdenoise FOR you).
> I don't know how to fix this particular problem.  I can't reproduce it 
> on any of my systems, so I'm stuck waiting for someone to send me a 
> patch.
> -Chris
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ah.. okies...

sorry about the mis-spelling.. was writing that from memory :)

thanks for the reply - will see if Greg comes up with anything.. sorry I 
can't be off any assistance apart from trying suggestions but I know 
absolutely nothing about perl (which is presume this is related to) or 
the progs that are being used

hopefully this will be useful for others with the same problem

Thanks again


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