[mythtv-users] Charlie Rose via PVR-350

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 21:06:52 UTC 2005

Bear with me. I'm looking for anyone else who might observe the following:

For weeks now, I have recorded Charlie Rose on KTCI, in Minnesota.
In every show, at random points, the audio and video get out of sync
by a few seconds. The show is still listenable, but watching the screen
is like Water Torture.

So, to see if it was a KTCI problem (yeah, right), I switched from KTCI
to KSMQ. Aha! Same problem! My guess it's the Charlie Rose show's
problem, but it still could be my system's problem.

Next week, I plan to add an Air2PC card to the system in question. During
that change, I will record Charlie Rose on a completely separate system and
see if the problem follows along. But between now and then, I would be
interested to know if anyone else has observed the out-of-sync problem
while watching Charlie Rose. (I have a feeling that very, very few folks
record, let alone even WATCH Charlie Rose, but my curiousity has gotten
the better of me.) Thanks.

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