[mythtv-users] HDTV MythTV parts list

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Sep 16 17:20:59 UTC 2005

Jarod Wilson wrote:

> My TV does everything for me automagically in hardware. :-)
> Deinterlacing a 1080i signal for display at 1080p is easier than  
> doing it for a 720p display, since you don't have to scale the video  
> at all. I dunno the specifics of exactly what's happening under the  
> hood on my TV, but I get absolutely zero interlace artifacts on 1080i  
> content. I do see some minor interlace artifacts on 480i stuff, but  
> only upon very close inspection (nose near the screen), and even  
> then, they aren't bad. My ASSumption is that the TV just has a really  
> good deinterlace filter in it. Maybe I should read my TV's manual one  
> of these days to figure out exactly what's going on... ;-)

So, why a 1080i signal?  Have you considered sending a 1080p signal?  
Would that make 720p look better (since it's only scaled instead of 
scaled/interlaced/deinterlaced)?  It should make 1080p30/1080p24 look 
better (if broadcasters are even using them--I know you can get movie 
trailers in 1080p24)...  (Gotta admit I haven't done any HDTV stuff, 
yet--next month when I'm done with some travel, though.  :)


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