[mythtv-users] MythPhone/ OT: usb/rj11 adapters

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Fri Sep 16 08:07:24 UTC 2005

Don't know how OT this is, and haven't even looked at MythPhone yet, but
since the MythBox will be in the sitting room and permanently on, I'd
like to make it the hub of the our VOIP connection. Ideally I want to be
able to use our existing analogue phones through Skype /SkypeOut and the
conventional PSTN connection (which will still be cheaper that SkypeOut
for national calls over 5 mins in length).
Does anyone know which usb /rj11 adapters (rj11 internal and usb/rj11
external) will work under Linux? I've done some searching but haven't
come up with anything concrete. The important thing is that the adapter
has both usb (for VOIP connections) and rj11 (for pstn connections) on
the external side and that calls can be placed through either of these
using a standard analogue (dtmf) phone.
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