[mythtv-users] Better think twice before choosing an FS especially for LVM

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Thu Sep 15 23:30:58 UTC 2005

I think, unsurprisingly, y'all are way more hardcore than I am.<s> (But  
who knows, this stuff is fun, and I can see getting addicted.)

I expect to be using my boxen to record TV shows, old movies that TCM  
always shows at a time I can't watch (while showing "Casablanca" and "The  
Maltese Falcon" for the 80th time at 9PM), and the  
independent/foriegn/documentary films that didn't make it out to my neck  
of the woods.

Watch, maybe save for a short while for another watch (it usually takes me  
two showings of "Rome" to understand what the hell's going on, but I  
suppose that'll pass as it did for "Deadwood"), and then erase.  
Documentaries also sometimes need to be rewatched (although, if they're  
those super-duper mega-hyped "specials" shown on Nat Geo and Discovery,  
they primarily need to be fast-forwarded for the 40 minutes of content in  
the 2 hour show).

Most of my archiving is going to be off DVDs (come get me, MPAA!),  
primarily the ones the kids watch over and over and over again until one  
day they happen to fall into the toaster or end up on the roof. I don't  
expect to archive much that I take off the air. (Though I'd kill for a  
marathon of "The Goodies".)

I'm hoping to rip-as-I-go and use the DVDs themselves for backups in most  
cases. Assuming the ripping part isn't traumatic, this should be  
acceptable as the prices of 1TB drives drop and the new 50GB opticals come  
out, etc. If I add up all the machines here, I've got something like 840GB  
of hard-drive space. I just did a review of a $100 NAS kit that will  
accept 400GB drives, meaning I can boost pretty easily if I need to. And  
I'm sure I can play back content anywhere on the network whatever Myth's  

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