[mythtv-users] Dell 'nvram-wakeup' feature now available for the 99 servers (amongst others)

David myth at dgreaves.com
Thu Sep 15 18:38:59 UTC 2005


I bought one of the Dell SC420 99 servers and use it as a Myth backend.
Well, one itch for me was that it had a BIOS feature to automatically
wakeup or power-on but it wasn't supported by the usual tools
(nvram-wakeup). (notice lots of Google dust being sprinkled here :) )

Well, as it happens some of the Dell guys were talking on lkml about
their work on a bios control library and I was able (with their help) to
hack up a wakeup binary called like this to wakeup at 09:04am :
  wakeupCtlS --hour 9 --minute 04 --everyday

Page here:

Download and 'make minimal' and you'll end up with a binary:

I haven't actually hacked it into Myth yet 'cos I need to investigate
WOL from a frontend first...

HTH some people :)


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