[mythtv-users] How to fix Movie posters on FE

Kevin Saenz ksaenz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 01:25:32 UTC 2005

Backend and frontend can coexist on the one machine happily.
If you have like a pxe boot ability you could run frontend and load up the 
shares using either nfs, smb, or any other sharing technique.

"I'm assuming here that the backend and the frontend are on seperate 
> machines"
> Correct.
>  "and that the backend and the frontend have at least one nfs share both 
> can write to."
> Correct. However /root/.mythtv/mythvideo is not one of them. It has not 
> been set up in the exports file.
>  "What does it say in the setting for the movie poster location?"
> On both locations '/root/.mythtv/mythvideo'
>  "Is location on the nfs share?"
> Yes, but it's a hidden directory.
>  "Also, what user does your mythtv run as?"
> MythTv
>  "Does the directory exists that the frontend has in the setting box?"
> I'm not sure as it's hidden andthis is an Xbox FE?
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