[mythtv-users] Re: x2 Re: Problems with VGA/RGBHV and Mitsubishi HDTV

conkel at sunpower.com conkel at sunpower.com
Wed Sep 14 20:11:28 UTC 2005

 2 things
> i) does your TV have an automatic turn off if the same image is
> displayed for a period of time?
> ii) if you connect a regular monitor to the VGA out and leave it, what happens?
> Nick

1) The manual warns that leaving stationary images on the TV can cause 
   burn in and is not covered by warranty so I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

2) I haven't tried hooking it up to a regular monitor yet. That's my goal 
   for this evening. I have to change the resolutions and xorg.conf file 
   to get that done. Once I got my original config working I've backed it 
   up in three different places to make sure I don't lose it. It took me 
   three days to learn how to calculate everything the first time. :)



> Does it come on if you press a key on the keyboard (not a key on the 
> remote--one on the keyboard) or wiggle the mouse?  Did you turn off 
> xscreensaver (the application, it sounds like you've set BlankTime, 
> StandbyTime, SuspendTime, and OffTime in ServerFlags)?
> Mike

Nope. I tried kicking off the screensaver both ways, just in case. Yes, I 
turned off xscreensaver as well. I'm starting to think that the power 
management settings may have something to do with it. Still trying!


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