[mythtv-users] Exit and shutdown

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Wed Sep 14 20:37:16 UTC 2005

I did search the archives and I found one possible solution to my
problem involving hacking an XML file, which I can probably do assuming
I can find the correct file to edit.

I just finished setting up a Pundit-R machine as a front end. It worked
quite well once I got everything in place. But I found that I couldn't
get good signal quality on the backend system if I had a splitter in the
computer room, even with two signal amplifiers upstream. (I have no clue
how to do crimped connections, I'm not qualified to do that, and I've
done everything else that has been suggested to increase signal strengh
other than that so I am out of options). So I said, fine, I'll just use
the PVR-500 alone in the backend (works fine, good quality on both
tuners), and heck, I'll take the PVR-150 and put it in my front end
downstairs; I've got a cable hookup there and I can save the 500's
tuners for recording and at least get some use out of the 150 for
watching Live TV. Also, the 150 has a remote that I've been able to get
working with lirc, so it solves my problem getting the Streamzap to work
on the front end as well (no longer necessary).

So all this long-windedness is setting up for the real question. I put
the PVR-150 into the front end, and of course that meant I had to set
that system up as a slave backend. Had a little trouble but got it
working eventually. Once I did that, I no longer see the "Exit and
Shutdown" option in mythfrontend. Why did it go away?

I have read about the auto-shutdown features and I presume this is
related to that somehow. But I don't really want to use the Pundit as a
recording backend even though it might be capable of it. I don't have a
UPS down there and I don't want to leave it up all the time. But I do
want to use the PVR-150 for watching live TV, which means I have to set
the "frontend" system up as a slave backend. But I want to shut it down
when I'm done using the front end. But now I only have "Exit" and "No,
don't exit" options and there's no way for me to shut the system all the
way down cleanly without a keyboard attached. 

Is hacking the XML file the best way to get what I want, or is the
kludgy "set the auto shutdown time to five minutes" solution I've seen
proposed better? I just don't want my master backend to try and schedule
recordings on the frontend because it won't be up most of the time and
it doesn't have auto-wakeup either.


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