[mythtv-users] 18.1 dvb channel scan

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Wed Sep 14 07:59:41 UTC 2005

Pshem Kowalczyk wrote:

>On 14/09/05, Pat Sheerin <pat.sheerin at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I have been using myth quite happly for a year or so with version 16.
>>I recently upgraded to 18.1 so that i could use knoppmyth as i wanted
>>a pvr box to sit under my telly. It was working for a while but i
>>appear to have deleted my channel setup so I tried to run the setup
>>agin to get the channels back but when I run the scan it is able to
>>find the transports but when it does not find any channels.
>> I am using a dec-2000 with linux-2.6.12-gentoo-r4. scan
>>dvb-t/uk-crystalplace works and finds all the channels and used to be
>>how i populated the settings in myth. Is there any way to fill in the
>>channel information manually? I says Signal Locked but the progress
>>bar takes a very very long time to go anywhere and then appears to
>>hang at 100%. Signal Strength and Signal/Noise never change from 0%.
>>If you would like me to send any more information then let me know.
>You can use xawtv to detect all the channels and then use
>mytfilldatabase --xawchannels to populate the db. All you have to know
>is the id of the source. If you have only singly source it's usually
>1. If you have more then one then:
># mysql mythconverg
>mysql> select * from videosource;
>sourceid is the number you are looking for. 

The way I do it is to create a channels.conf using tzap (need that for 
other apps like xine based Kaffeine anyway).  Then import the 
channels.conf into myth (it's one of the scan options)

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