[mythtv-users] Laptop w/ ATI FireGL, fglrxconfig, and TV-Out ... oh my!

David Blevins david.blevins at visi.com
Tue Sep 13 03:58:59 UTC 2005

So I spent all day yesterday trying to get TV-OUT to work with my  
Laptop equipped with an ATI FireGL T2.

The closest I could get was to use Mirror mode and have the Live-TV  
or recorded playback on both the laptop LCD and TV-OUT, which results  
in extremely choppy video on both displays.  Note, the frontend menu  
and GUI show up just fine on the TV-OUT and laptop LCD  
simultaniously.  It's playback of any kind that is the issue.

Looking in an older version of the ATI Proprietary release notes  
(http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/linux_3.12.0.html) I found this  
nice quip under the Monitor Settings section that talks about which  
monitor should be the primary and which the secondary:

   "Note: A connected digital display is always the primary display"

If that is still true in the 8.16.20 version of the driver, that I'm  
guessing it isn't possible to have Live-TV or recorded playback shown  
on *only* the TV-OUT as the laptop LCD is always going to be there  
and chosen as primary.

The closest post I can find in the archives is:
   > Option "DesktopSetup" "0x00000000"
   > Option "MonitorLayout" "CRT, STV "


   > Option "DesktopSetup" "0x00000100"
   > Option "MonitorLayout" "STV, AUTO"
   > Option "DesktopSetup" "0x00000100"
   > Option "MonitorLayout" "AUTO, STV"
   > Option "OverlayOnCRT2"
   > The last one is the important one i think.
   > I'll note that i don't actually have a CRT connected.

These hint at some things that can be added to the X config file that  
supposedly help.  Interestingly, they all seem contradictory and none  
of them help at all.  I've googled each option repeatedly in attempts  
to unlock hidden meaning.  Unfortunately, I know nothing about how an  
XFree86 config file should look and cannot derive enough to come up  
with anything useful.

Anyone have any ideas on TV-OUT with a Laptop frontend using an ATI  
FireGL T2?


Achive Fodder:
ThinkPad T42p 2373-C61
ati driver 8.16.20

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