[mythtv-users] MythTV + DVD Changer

David Ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Mon Sep 12 18:43:59 UTC 2005

I could see this working in a few ways. First your going to have to find a
changer for which a linux utility set exists. Many of these players have
documentation on the serial protocol they use......which should make
controlling them fairly simple (something Like "echo command >/dev/stty0").
Once you know the command its fairly simple.

Setup up your DVD's in MythVideo - and write a custom command script to
change the current DVD and start Xine........when done - its seamless
(adding disks is a bit of pain......but if you do your script right one of
the parameters to the script would be the disk number).


PS. No - I didn't do this, it was cheaper and easier to just build a multi
terabyte disk array. 

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Does anyone know if mythtv can control any of the dvd changers out there?
What I am looking to do is put dvds into a changer(there are plenty of
300-400 slot units available) and connect it to the mythtv box via the
serial cable that is on some units, and have mythtv show a listing of all my
dvds, then when I select one mythtv will tell the changer to change to that
particular dvd and play it.

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