[mythtv-users] Automatic deletion on drive fillup doesn't work

John Schweitzer thanatos at hoodlum.org
Sun Sep 11 22:47:58 UTC 2005

On Sep 11, 2005, at 6:41 PM, Chad wrote:

> On 9/8/05, Matt Goebel <matt at goebelnet.com> wrote:
>>>>> I have 650GB on my master backend shared out the sole Myth slave
>>>>> frontend/backend
>>>>> via NFS on which I keep all my recorded shows.  A few days ago  
>>>>> this filled
>>>>> up.
>>>>> Instead of automaticly deleting older or lower priority shows,  
>>>>> as I
>>>>> thought Mythtv
>>>>> was supposed to do, it just continued on recording shows of 0  
>>>>> bytes.
>>> Just a hunch: although you specify the remaining disk space in
>>> gigabytes, some filesystems reserve a certain percentage of the disk
>>> for root's exclusive use so that logging and daemons would  
>>> continue to
>>> work if a run-away user process tried to fill the filesystem.   
>>> From a
>>> user's perspective, "df" would show lots of remaining space  
>>> (typically
>>> 5% for ext2/ext3) but writing data to files would fail if it  
>>> resulted
>>> in an allocation request.  If that percentage is larger than the  
>>> fixed
>>> size you specified then the auto-expire routine would never be
>>> triggered.
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Try restarting mythbackend and mythfrontend.  Unix and Unix-like OSs  
hold filehandles open (even if the files have been externally  
deleted), which keeps the space allocated until those programs exit,  
or the filehandles are closed.

Or, compare the results of 'du' from the root of that filesystem and  
df of that filesystem.


>> This is Reiserfs v3 /w LVM on a hardware RAID 5 array.  When I  
>> checked with df the
>> whole filesystem was actually used up.  So it really IS full and  
>> no reserve...  The
>> only thing this volume is used for is Myth storage, TV shows,  
>> video, music, etc.
>> Programs are on another volume.
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> Do you have the "allow backend override" enabled?  This is supposed to
> take care of this, at least that is how I understand it.
> Cool
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