[mythtv-users] Commercials flagged - but no cutlist?

jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 10:18:29 UTC 2005


I use 0.18.1 on DVB-T in the UK. I've not used commercial flagging very 
often (a lot of my favourite programs are on the BBC!), but I'm 
experimenting with it now.

When I queue a job, it appears in the jobqueue table, and when its finished 
the status in the jobqueue table always says something like "Finished, 2 
break(s) found.".

But, when I watch the program with auto-skip, the commercials aren't 
skipped, and just play normally. When I press the e key to edit the 
recording, there are no cuts in the cutlist!

Is the editing cutlist the same as the commercial cutlist? Is there any 
other way I can find out where mythcommflag thinks the commercials are?


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