[mythtv-users] Using firewire or usb external drives

Matt F stir_frey at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 10 19:51:31 UTC 2005

I've though about doing this a few times myself. I run my frontend and 
backend in the same small box and it would be an easy way to add drive 
space w/out putting another hot spinning disk in the case. Without any 
experience of running this type of setup I would suggest going firewire. 
Less overhead. www.firewire-1394.com/firewire-vs-usb.htm has a pretty 
good explanation of how the two technologies work and why firewire is 
still faster\better for something like this if you can afford it. FW 
tends to cost a little more. Also you can get 800Mbps firewire now. I'm 
not sure how many devices support this but I've seen it around. If you 
do go with this setup please post how it went and what hardware you used.


Henry Fleischmann wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm setting up my first Mythtv system on Gentoo and had a question 
> about storage. What kind of problems will I run into if I base all my 
> storage for recorded programs, stored movies, MP3s, etc. on external 
> USB or firewire drives? For now I am putting my frontend and backend 
> on the same system (Asus Pundit-r 3Ghz, 200GB HD) which only has 1 HD 
> bay but I plan to move to separate frontend and backend setup if I 
> find Mythtv and I get along ok. External drives seem like a good 
> solution due to ease of expansion the ability to migrate them fairly 
> easily to other systems.
> Should I avoid I stick with one directory per drive and avoid JFS/XFS? 
> Is performance to low? Are their know problems with JFS or XFS on 
> these kinds of drives? If I add all the drives to one files system 
> will the spanned file systems be difficult to get back up on a 
> different system that recognize the drives in a different order than 
> the original?
> I am fairly familiar with JFS on SCSI drives using HP-UX (as of a 
> couple years ago) but have never used it on Linux or with IDE.
> Thanks in advance!
> Henry
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