[mythtv-users] Using firewire or usb external drives

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Sat Sep 10 18:01:38 UTC 2005

>Hello all,
>I'm setting up my first Mythtv system on Gentoo and had a question
>about storage. What kind of problems will I run into if I base all
>my storage for recorded programs, stored movies, MP3s, etc. on
>external USB or firewire drives? For now I am putting my frontend
>and backend on the same system (Asus Pundit-r 3Ghz, 200GB HD) which
>only has 1 HD bay but I plan to move to separate frontend and
>backend setup if I find Mythtv and I get along ok. External drives
>seem like a good solution due to ease of expansion the ability to
>migrate them fairly easily to other systems.

Sounds to me like you should consider your next move to separate your
front and backends and use the Pundit as a frontend and get a chassis
with extra storage bays for a bigger "in a closet somewhere" backend.
I currently have 4 IDE slots in my combo backend and since I've
filled my 3 200gb disks, I'm considering moving my DVD burner to
external and putting in a 4th drive in the box.

>Should I avoid I stick with one directory per drive and avoid
>JFS/XFS? Is performance to low? Are their know problems with JFS or
>XFS on these kinds of drives? If I add all the drives to one files
>system will the spanned file systems be difficult to get back up on
>a different system that recognize the drives in a different order
>than the original?
>I am fairly familiar with JFS on SCSI drives using HP-UX (as of a
>couple years ago) but have never used it on Linux or with IDE.
>Thanks in advance!
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