[mythtv-users] can't watch live tv, record static

Ryan Pisani mythtv at frouse3.homelinux.com
Sat Sep 10 04:07:45 UTC 2005

Are ACLs setup correctly on /video/buffer? -- Also is your Logical volume
on a remote backend?

> I'm setting up a FC4 system per Jarod's guide.  Everything seems to go
> fine.  But I can't watch live TV.  Here are the terminal messages I
> get:
> 2005-09-09 13:21:30.242 RemoteFile::Read() failed in
> RingBuffer::safe_read().
> Couldn't read file: rbuf://
> 2005-09-09 13:21:30.258 LiveTV not successfully started
> Can someone help me out?  I have an athlon XP 2500+ in a K7VTA3 board
> with 1 GB ram.  My video directory is a LVM of 3 hard drives.  I have
> 3 PVR-250 MCEs.  I have had this up and running on FC3 in a different
> mb/processor config.  I thought it might have been related to the
> onboard sound after checking out the archive, but putting in a
> soundblaster live didn't seem to help.  Any help/ideas would be
> appreciated.  Thanks.
> Dave
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