[mythtv-users] Fastest file system

Michael Segulja msegulja at lmdcs.com
Fri Sep 9 22:58:01 UTC 2005

Brian McEntire wrote:

> You guys with the kids and the reset buttons are giving me high blood 
> pressure!!   ;-)   NO FILE SYSTEM is intended to sustain regular 
> unclean shutdowns. If you get through a few unclean shutdowns, count 
> yourself lucky, but don't rely on it.

I think you're missing the point I made in my email regarding kids & 
reset buttons.  The issue isn't the kids resetting the computer. The 
issue is that when the system is not shut down cleanly, my JFS 
filesystems won't mount automatically until I run jfs_fsck on them 
manually.  It only takes about 5 seconds to run and then mount them, but 
it's a pain when it happens and I don't know about it because shows get 
recorded to the wrong place.

My 2 cents on JFS had to deal with this issue, not the fact that a 
filesystem should be perfect no matter what happens to the PC.  I'm 
curious to see if anybody else has seen this behavior, because if not, I 
probably just have a bad install or something. 

> How about opening up the case and disconnecting the reset switch from 
> the Mobo?
Disconnecting the reset button also means I can't reset the PC when I 
need to in the odd times the whole system freezes,  I do still have to 
turn it on and off sometimes. :-)

> You could do the same for the power button. Then the kids can press 
> all they want.

> Oh yeah, buy a UPS  ;-)
Oh yeah, and a UPS connected to my HTPC that is in my living room 
connected to my TV isn't the most attractive thing in the world.  WAF 
factor way down there....

And to add a comment from another post, wouldn't it be nice if we all 
had a house big enough for a dedicated server room with a lock on the 
door. :-)  That would definitely make at least one of my dreams come true!!


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