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Fri Sep 9 05:24:39 UTC 2005

You can always just add a camera as you mentioned.  See my post on how
to do this:

It would be nice to have a real surveillance function, that integrated
a lot of the functions from motion, supported viewing mulitple feeds,
kept a rolling n-day archive of surveillance "tapes" (which should
compress quite readily if the camera is stationary), and allowed
cameras connected to tuner cards to be preempted by real shows.  (Just
don't burgle my house when The Simpsons is on.)


On 9/7/05, Andrew Close <aclose at gmail.com> wrote:
> hey all,
> we have a wonderful software suite in MythTv.  it lets you
> watch/record tv, watch videos, listen to music, even talk on the
> phone!  how about a security plug-in?  MythSurveillance?
> i know there are a couple ppl on the list that already have cameras
> hooked to their MythBoxen and can view them on dedicated channels.
> but what about a plug-in that allowed you to watch multiple feeds at
> once on a split screen?  or that cycled through your camera views when
> directed or if motion was picked up?
> this is more of a discussion than an 'itch'. :)  although, if i were
> to scratch this 'itch', it would most likely be done in Java because i
> can't remember a lick of C (and don't really care to).
> if something like this were to be built what kind of hardware would you use?
> what would you like to be able to do with it?
> could Myth be used with USB Web-Cams?  this would most likely be like
> watching videos as opposed to watching recordings.
> can CCTV Cams be hooked up to capture cards that Myth uses?
> any other camera suggestions that are small, have a range of 0' - 20'
> minimum and may work at night?
> if this is too OT feel free to smack me and kill this thread. ;)
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