[mythtv-users] WinTV-PVR-500

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 02:35:01 UTC 2005

> I just have one more question. Even though there is only one coaxial cable
> coming into the card because theres only 1 cable input, I still can have 2
> streams there, right? Or do I somehow need another cable input?

You need a seaprate capture for every input you want. If you want to
use both inputs on the 500, you need to split your coaxial cable. If
your cable is analog, that's all you need to do. If your cable is
digital, you'll need IRBlaster to change the channel on the decoder
box, and you'll need a separate decoder box for every input that you
want to record digital channels.

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