[mythtv-users] Crackling and popping in non-PVR analog card -- I think I can say it's MythTV's fault

SÚrgio Gomes sergiomdgomes at netcabo.pt
Thu Sep 8 22:53:21 UTC 2005

Hello everyone!

I have finally found the problem!

I did a little experience: I enabled the AC97 soundcard in my 
motherboard and connected the output of the TV card to it instead of to 
the Audigy. No more crackling! However, I noticed the volume is way too 
high! The TV card seems to be outputting sound at a very high level. The 
Audigy tolerated this, but not my AC97 card. Not very serious though, 
I'm getting an attenuator to solve the problem.

The high levels were however not the problem, since the crackling only 
happened in MythTV and not when I recorded TV sound in other programs.

So, the crackling I experienced is probably MythTV not liking my 
soundcard (Audigy 2, emu10k1 kernel module), since in all other 
programs, and all the playback and recording experiments I did there was 
never a crackle or pop. The emu10k1 factor is also consistent with 
Michael Cowell's setup, who posted his similar problems. It must be 
something in the emu10k1 driver that MythTV doesn't like.

So, what I can say is, if you have a TV card with a dongle cable to 
connect to a line-in, don't connect it to an emu10k1. MythTV won't like it!

Thanks for bearing with me!

SÚrgio Gomes

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