[mythtv-users] Off Topic - DVB-T, Muxes and reception...

Jules Gosnell jules at coredevelopers.net
Thu Sep 8 16:40:22 UTC 2005

 a quick question...

I stuck up an DVB-T aerial on my garden office and with the aid of a 
compass pointed it towards the Guildford transmitter, 3 or 4 miles away. 
I have some fir trees between me and the transmitter.

MythTV receives all but one mux without problems, but one is problematic 
to tune into (lock keeps breaking) and channels associated with tend to 
be the first to break up....

If all muxes are being transmitted from the same transmitter, why should 
one bundle of channels feel like it is coming from the moon ? Are muxes 
simply s/w abstractions or do they correspond somehow to physical 
divisions in the h/w - i.e. is my problem mux maybe being pumped out at 
a lower power than all the others etc...

Would a booster be likely to solve the problem, or do I just live with 
it - they are tall fir trees and not mine :-)



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