[mythtv-users] XMLTV Problem - scraping

David Bennett davidbennett1979 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 07:51:04 UTC 2005

Not really sure what happened. I tried to update my entire system
through YUM and it crashed halfway through. I then tried apt-get
upgrade and it crashed a number of times until completing after about
the 5th time.

I know that some XMLTV packages were updated and some were "heldback"
... not sure why.
At any rate, mythfilldatabase now drops out with an error (it seems to
be trying to pull a nonexistent channel from the website) (in Japan)

My question is, how do I fix XMLTV? Can I apt-get reinstall it? When I
reinstall or upgrade do I lose some of my settings? Anyone have any
suggestions on what to do/what to keep and how to fix my xmltv so it
is working as nice as before?

thanks in advance.

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