[mythtv-users] OT: Recommendation for a WLAN PCI card (UK-based)

Martin Ebourne lists at ebourne.me.uk
Tue Sep 6 08:00:16 UTC 2005

On Mon, 05 Sep 2005 21:24:34 -0600, Andrew McNabb wrote:
>> Having built another backend for some spares and some new capture cards,
>> I want to get it accessible via WiFi on my network (g-based).
> The best card currently available 802.11 card, in my opinion, is the
> ALL0271, which uses the prism54 driver.  I've got a link and more info
> written up at http://www.mcnabbs.org/andrew/linux/hardware/
> You won't need ndiswrapper or anything.

I can second this. I'm in the UK and have been using two of these (one in
access point mode, and one in normal mode) to stream mythtv for over 6

The driver has been present in the kernel for ages, so all you need to do
is drop the firmware in the right directory. And it's real firmware, not
some dodgy binary blob run on the host processor.

Got mine from:


I don't speak German, and the bloke at the other end didn't speak much
english, which made it fun. :)

The shop guarantees that it works on Linux and the price has come well
down, looks like a real bargain now.



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