[mythtv-users] True IP-STB front end with MythWeb and MythstreamTV - Any one done this?

Dean Oliffe dean at commcord.net
Tue Sep 6 05:24:19 UTC 2005


I have been playing with MythTv and think the product is great.  Only issue 
that I can see is the frontend being locked to a PC (home theatre version etc).

Has anyone looked at IP-STB's like the Amino A103, A110, A124 or IP-STB's 
from other manufacturers like DTVRO&TCOM?

I can see that some work has occurred in the MythstreamTv side but then we 
would be using VLC to do the streaming via http:// and not RTSP:// which 
would correctly support VOD access.  Also MPEG2 TS (transport stream) would 
need to be supported from the backend of MythTv as well.

I don't want to have PC's in the lounge room, kids room or any other 
location (other then the computer room) when I can get a IP-STB for AUD$300 
or less each.

The amino IP-STB's have full browsers, can support flash, small (like 120mm 
x 120mm x 30mm) and built for the exact function of sitting next to the TV 
and come with keyboard and remote control.

Now I can multicast to my amino using VLC in two seconds but what I want to 
do is access the mythtv content and be able to control that.

So are others interested in being able to do that?  Anyone already working 
on it?  What do we need to do to get it working?

I am in Melbourne Australia so if there is a software guru who is local I 
can loan some hardware for development (ie the IP-STB's) but we would need 
to know if others are interested in this approach aside from myself.

Comments and feedback please.


Dean Oliffe


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