[mythtv-users] Back of the envelope calcs for minimum network speed

Brian McEntire brian.mcentire at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 03:29:22 UTC 2005

Hi -
A question about network capacity:

I'm planning to put a front end by the TV, and a back end in a different 
part of the house. The primary purpose for this MythTV setup is HDTV 

Some early HDTV recordings are about 2.4 GB for 30 minutes.

This works out to 2.4 * 10^9 * 8 bits/B / 30 min / 60 sec/min= 10.7 Mbps

For streaming from the backend to the frontend (aka accessing via NFS?) it 
appears it will exceed Ethernet speed and require fast ethernet. I don't 
have cable run, so my question is, for a strong signal, is it reasonable to 
expect a quality stream over 54 Mbps wireless-g or is running CAT5/6 a 
better bet?

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